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Il Parlamento respinge la richiesta Presidente. Spero che non ci siano obiezioni.

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Stiamo iniziando un dibattito molto importante. Stiamo parlando della preparazione della riunione del Consiglio europeo del 17 e 18 ottobre. Ringrazio il Presidente Juncker, il signor Barnier e la ministra Tuppurainen per essere presenti single roth ira income limits 2019 con noi.

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Come sapete, ieri sono stato invitato dal Primo ministro Johnson a Londra per un colloquio con lui. Single roth ira income limits 2019 una certa fiducia e speranza, ho dovuto constatare che non ci sono al momento molti progressi. Abbiamo esaminato le proposte presentate dal Regno Unito ultimamente, come alternativa al back stop originale. Sono delle idee, ma non sono delle proposte che sono attuabili, immediatamente attuabili. Ci sono single roth ira income limits 2019 alternative a single roth ira income limits 2019 accordo in questo momento: l'estensione o nessun accordo.

Per quanto riguarda l'ipotesi di mancato accordo, sono stato molto chiaro sul fatto che si tratterebbe di un risultato fortemente negativo, che comporterebbe serie conseguenze economiche per entrambe le parti, ma in particolare per il Regno Unito e i suoi cittadini. Gli ho espresso la mia visione sul fatto che un'eventuale richiesta da parte delle istituzioni del Regno Unito di estensione del termine di recesso dovrebbe servire a ridare la parola ai cittadini britannici — come ha detto quest'Aula — tramite referendum o elezioni generali.

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Spero vivamente che un'uscita senza accordo alla fine venga evitata, anche se in tal caso l'Unione europea ha adottato tutte le misure necessarie per prepararsi e affrontare le conseguenze. Tytti Tuppurainen, President-in-Office of the Council.

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At single wellnessurlaub last minute upcoming European Council meeting, leaders will be discussing some of the most pressing issues for the Union. Let me start with the Multiannual Financial Framework MFF on which the leaders will have the first substantial discussion.

You will recall that the June European Council conclusions expressed the ambition to aim for an agreement before the end of the year.

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The Presidency has pursued work in line with that ambition. During the past months we have consulted and had extensive discussions with Member States in order to identify their priorities and where the so—called room for negotiation lies.

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We have now prepared a presidency paper to frame discussions at the October European Council. The European Council will also discuss the strategic agenda, which leaders adopted in June. Of course, the exchange of views between the leaders and the President of the European Parliament will also be the perfect opportunity to hear the views of the Parliament.

Now, the next topical issue on the agenda is climate change, an existential threat that has been, and still is, at the centre of attention, not least after the discussions in New York.

We, as a Union, need to help raise global ambition and continue to lead the way on climate action.

This is because we may soon reach a tipping point where we can only mitigate the effects of climate change instead of reversing them. But it is only with concerted global efforts that we can successfully tackle this global phenomenon.

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So, at the meeting in October, leaders will focus on the international kennenlernen wien of climate change. Under external relations, it is likely that the leaders will discuss Turkey in light of its continued drilling activities in the eastern Mediterranean and take into account also broader EU—Turkey relations, including cooperation in migration.

The recent developments related to Syria are likely to come up in this context as well and we have just received very worrisome news today. And, honourable Members, finally, Brexit is an issue that is likely to steal the limelight.

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These proposals do not yet provide a basis for concluding an agreement, but the EU remains fully committed to work with the UK and avoid a no—deal Brexit. Although we are prepared to face it, it would be irresponsible for both sides to ever claim that a no—deal scenario is an attractive option. And yet, the UK crashing out is a dangerously realistic scenario, given the constantly evolving situation, leaders will have to take stock of the very latest developments and decide how best to proceed.

So, thank you very much for your attention and I look forward to our discussions.

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Jean-Claude Juncker, Präsident der Kommission. Ich fasse mich kurz, weil wir heute Nachmittag relativ spät in die Gänge gekommen sind und die Frau Ratspräsidentin Wesentliches zu der Tagesordnung des Europäischen Rates gesagt hat, deshalb macht es keinen Sinn, sich hier in überflüssigen Wiederholungen zu ergehen. Als ich vor fünf Jahren hier antrat, habe ich ein Versprechen abgegeben, und das Versprechen war, dass die Kommission bis zum letzten Moment versuchen wird, konkrete Ergebnisse im Interesse der europäischen Bürger vorzulegen.

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Ich stehe zu diesem Versprechen und hoffe, dass der Europäische Rat und der Ministerrat dies auch tun, denn die beiden haben ein ähnliches — wenn nicht sogar dasselbe — Versprechen abgegeben, und single roth ira income limits 2019, das auf dem Tisch das Hauses liegt — des Rates, teilweise des Parlaments —, muss in Angriff genommen werden. Single roth ira income limits 2019 müssen jetzt die Grundlagen für ein stabiles, handlungsfähiges Europa der kommenden Jahre schaffen, und dies setzt voraus, dass wir dringend die Verhandlungen zum mehrjährigen Finanzrahmen voranbringen bzw.

Dies setzt voraus, dass wir uns partnersuche neuenhaus aller Entschlossenheit im Kampf gegen cupid partnervermittlung Klimawandel bewähren, und dies setzt voraus, dass wir uns für die Stabilität unserer Region und darüber hinaus einsetzen.

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Sehr wichtig ist eine Einigung über den mehrjährigen Finanzrahmen. Der Gipfel nächste Woche muss hier wirklich wesentliche Fortschritte erzielen, weil sich die Menschen in Europa auf die politische Führung in der Europäischen Union verlassen können müssen.