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The Toyota Supra was coming back!

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Ahead of it awaits the world's great driving roads, some of which were used to develop this all-new expression of Toyota pure sports car performance.

The Supra goes on sale in summer kennenlernen forum and will be available in two grades — 3.

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Driving enthusiasts can look forward to an exhilarating blend of power, precision and agility thanks to a rear-wheel drive design that honors Toyota sports car heritage with its low center of gravity and optimal peugeot boxer front single passenger seat balance.

There is a strong connection to Toyota's GT and Supra in both design and mechanical configuration.

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Yet, the Supra is a fully forward-looking sports car, brimming with a cutting-edge powertrain, chassis and multimedia technology. Like the pinnacle of the previous Supra series, the model will be powered by a turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine.

The new Supra's 3. Toyota projects mph acceleration in 4.

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While posting the kind of performance numbers that excite enthusiasts, the Supra will reward drivers of all skill levels with a thrilling sports car feel, even in everyday driving.

Toyota President and Master Driver Akio Toyoda tested the Supra on the Nürburgring and other racing venues to give his personal feedback as a Master Driver to ensure this new model would exceed the expectations of Supra fans across the globe. Supra devotees have waited a long time for the next-generation model. They'll find the Supra worth the wait. Shaped by Emotion … and Racing The Supra embodies its rich lineage at first glance, with a design that shows a particular kinship with the fourth-generation Supra built fromas well as the landmark Toyota GT.

The resemblance is more than skin deep: the new-generation Supra also shares with those notable models the common traits of a short wheelbase, sophisticated chassis, and high-performance inline-six-cylinder engine. Toyota offered a glimpse of the new Supra's design theme in with the dramatic FT-1 concept car that emerged from Toyota's Calty design center in California.

Inside (Anzeige)

Supra's striking exterior design was inspired by the FT-1's expressive form. Optimization of the FT-1 design onto the efficient, high-performance packaging of Supra was achieved by condensing the forms, reducing unnecessary elements and further enhancing the dynamic and powerful character.

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It focuses on core Supra attributes, such as its inline six-cylinder engine and rear drive layout, while enhancing other features, such as stretching the hood to highlight the engine, creating a taut, but spacious two-seat cabin that helps accentuate an ultra-wide stance. The result is a look unique to Supra internally referred to as "Condensed Extreme.

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Toyota sports car heritage is evident throughout. The double-bubble roof design, for example, recalls the Toyota GT and peugeot boxer front single passenger seat reduces drag by shaving the roof center to reduce the projected frontal area without sacrificing occupant headroom.

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The front fascia was inspired by the fourth-generation Supra, yet is even more expressive, peugeot boxer front single passenger seat a prominent central grille section flanked by large air intakes. In the rear, the prominent, arching rear integrated spoiler, which helps to suppress aerodynamic lift, pays homage to the tall rear wing that was available on the fourth-gen Supra Turbo.

The trapezoidal rear bumper shape conveys a dynamic sense of movement toward the tires. The six-lens LED headlights integrate both daytime running lamps and turn signal functions to create a distinctive lighting signature for the new Supra. The rear combination lamps feature a simple structure with the turn, tail, and stop functions integrated into the distinctive main ring shape.

The backup lamps are LEDs located in the center of the lower bumper.

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Details Matter Expressive colors accentuate the emotional connection drivers feel with russische jungs kennenlernen high-performance sports car, which is why the Supra's paint palette will include bold Renaissance Red 2. The available Phantom Matte Gray adds a sense of drama to the Supra's peugeot boxer front single passenger seat curved surfaces by combining a matte finish and a hint of blue to create a metal-like texture.

Fun fact: In the new version of the famous Supra logotype, the "S" was inspired by a racetrack s-bend. The low, narrow-section dash gives the driver expansive forward visibility, ideal for precisely placing the car in corners.

A high-definition color display forms the instrument panel, projecting a large-diameter, three-dimensional meter dial that seems to float over it.

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The single-meter design consolidates information necessary for performance driving, such as the tachometer and shift-timing indicator, enabling the driver to easily focus on critical control information through the small-diameter steering wheel. The display's easy-to-read layout puts multimedia information, including audio and available navigation, on the right side. An available full-color Head-Up Display projects vital driving and navigation information ahead of the driver.

Toyota designers took a fresh approach to designing the center console, giving it an asymmetrical shape that tightly envelops the driver, with a padded pillar that serves as a right leg bolster.